Tech Tip: No More “Printer Offline”

Workforce EmpowermentIn July 2016 KCIT adopted a new method to alert King County employees to important service changes or issues. This is to streamline and make clear what is happening, when it’s happening, who it affects and what to do to adopt the change and move forward with work.

When a change occurs, from an application update to a planned outage, the service team answers the five W’s – who, what, where, when and what to do. The information is written up in clear language then color-coded (red, yellow or green) to communicate the level of relevance and urgency. KCIT Service Delivery Managers review the language and target audience for accuracy and relevance. KCIT then sends the clearly written, targeted email to the affected audience.

This provides the right message at the right time to the right people in a manner that is clear and useful. This new system has been in effect for less than a month and, by all accounts, is performing exactly as planned. This project aligns with the KCIT Strategic Technology Goal of Workforce Empowerment by providing useful information to employees in a timely manner – in short, workers working at the work.

So if you see this Service Alert pop up in your inbox, please read it and don’t delete it. And if you have questions, contact the KCIT Service Center.