Kudos! Food program manager named to the Chris Traeger List: Top 100 local government influencers

Becky Elias - PhotoCrossposted from Public Health Insider

As Chris Traeger would say: Becky Elias, Food Protection Program Manager at Public Health – Seattle & King County, is *literally* our favorite person! Yes, that Chris Traeger–the perpetually sunny, enthusiastic and crazily fit city manager of the fictitious Pawnee, Indiana on *literally* our favorite TV show, Parks and Rec! A national organization for leaders in local government, Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL), has named Becky to the Chris Traeger List of Top 100 Local Influencers. We’ve pulled in the cast of Parks and Rec to explain why.

Her listing at number 81 mentions how “Becky led a project and implemented a public/university partnership to standardize inspection practices and results to deliver more reliable information to the public seeking to make informed dining decisions. The experiment’s impact was so positive that the method has now been expanded from the 24-person pilot to the entire food program of 60 individuals, with staff doing one day of peer review inspections each month. Becky is an energetic leader with lots of integrity and intelligence and I was so impressed after hearing about what she accomplished in Seattle! She was able to make her staff feel like they were part of positive project to improve their culture, effectiveness and better protect the safety of residents, as opposed to victims of a witch-hunt looking to find poor performers.”

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