Kudos! Compassion and respect earn client kudos for public health nurse

This note came to the department’s public inbox this month. For context, many state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) offices include an office staffed by public health nurses, who are based in nearby public health centers and deliver Maternity Support Services (MSS) and limited family planning services. One of those nurses is Paddee Buzzard, from Federal Way Public Health Center.

To Whom This May Concern-

I found out I was pregnant early on and was completely scared. I came in to DSHS to take another test and to just talk to someone about what to do next. When I came in to DSHS, I was nervous and I really hadn’t stopped crying for a few days. I was called back to Paddee’s office and that was where I was completely surprised. Paddee was AMAZING! She was calm, she eased all my concerns, helped me with all the things that I needed to get done next and got me excited. I cannot thank her enough for how she helped me! It really means a lot to have someone treat you like you are their family, especially in a time like this. She did not judge me, she did not care about my past, she just opened her arms and really comforted me. I will never be able to thank Paddee enough for what she did. Those 30 minutes in her office really had a huge impact on me.

If you would please forward this email to her so she can see the impact that she had on me and my child’s life, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again Paddee! Keep doing amazing things!

– “A Grateful Client” (name withheld for privacy)