Indigenous Peoples’ Day Monday, Oct. 10

namSeattle voted in 2014 to honor Native Americans, and their contributions to our history and achievements, on what has traditionally been celebrated as Columbus Day. Now the second Monday in October is officially Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Seattle.

It’s an especially poignant turnaround given that in 1865 the City of Seattle passed a resolution banning Native Americans from living in Seattle.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day also recognizes that we all are living on Indian land, and that without the displacement of its first inhabitants, none of us would be here. The day also recognizes that Seattle, and by extension, King County, has a responsibility to combat the high rates of poverty (the highest in King County), diabetes, lack of transportation and homelessness.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day calls upon all of us to promote friendship and understanding, and join with our Indigenous brothers and sisters in combating institutional racism and the lingering effects of colonialism.

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, please join the Race & Social Justice Initiative Speaker Series: Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration with Sherman Alexie at Seattle City Hall on Monday, Oct. 10 during lunch.

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  1. WHAT: Indigenous People’s Day Celebration “Listen to Seattle”—Free Event
    Please join the Duwamish Tribe this Indigenous Day (Oct. 10, 2016) for a free performance of “Listen to Seattle” by the Steve Griggs Ensemble at Town Hall in Seattle. “Listen to Seattle” honors the city’s namesake (Chief Seattle) and his Duwamish Tribe’s continuing struggle for justice in its own land. Jazz musician and Duwamish tribal member James Rasmussen is the featured guest artist. Music & spoken narrative provide insight and perspective into the conflicts and prejudices that continue to impact Native American cultures today. The Duwamish tribe will be welcoming.
    WHEN: Oct. 10, 2016—730 pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
    WHERE: Town Hall
    1119 8th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98101