Tech Tip: What? Snow? Ice? Preparing to work from home in three easy steps!

The forecast says snow and you want to be prepared to work from home. Before you pack up and take your device with you (don’t forget the power cord), update the security patches. Go to your system tray (otherwise known as the “up arrow” in the lower right that shows “hidden icons”), click on the McAfee logo (it may be just an “M” or look different from this) and click “update security”.


Now, you are secure if you work from home.

Next, you can log in to Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint and many other applications now without using VPN. (KCIT completed a major upgrade earlier this year to allow for this level of flexibility.) VPN is still required to access some files.

Finally, if you do need to use VPN, please know that KCIT will have 24/7/365 teams available to manage high volume access.