Tech Tip: 2016/2017 Document housekeeping

folder2Tips to stay e-Organized

The end of the year is a great opportunity to wrap up projects, commitments and communications. Not only does it set you up for success in the new year, but it makes searching relevant 2016 files even easier.

These tips come from the Public Records Committee which knows a thing or two about finding files!

Say goodbye to 2016

Initial Cleanup: Delete transitory records in Outlook or on your Shared Drive. These include global emails, emails from friends or co-workers not related to busi-ness, junk mail, sales pitches, and auto-generated messages.

Organize: Move email to Outlook folders (stretch goal—get that inbox down to 1000 emails!)

File 2016 records: Electronic records related to any projects that closed out in 2016 can be filed into KC ERMS project folders, and all physical files can be packed and sent to the Records Center.

Say hello to 2017

Open for business: Take a look at 2017 projects. Build folders and folder structures in Outlook, your Shared Drive and in Sharepoint.

Continuous learning: Commit to learning just one thing about Sharepoint or OneDrive for filing and sharing documents a month. KCIT has a knowledge base library with dozens of topics and quick learning.


  • December is the best time to review email, files, and documents.
  • Pack up old, unused and dated electronic files from 2016. Create new folders for 2017.
  • These small steps reduce electronic clutter and start 2017 off right.

Need Help?

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