2016 Employee Giving Drive sets new record!

giving2The Employee Giving Program’s Annual Giving Drive was a great success! King County employees donated $1,906,726.09, exceeding the goal of $1.82 million and besting the 2015 drive by nearly $150,000! Additionally, we welcomed more than 625 New Connections. This is the largest increase in dollars in more than 15 years.

The Executive’s office led by example, with a 61% team participation rate. King County Council followed with 39% of Council employees contributing.

More than 800 nonprofits received a pledge including favorites such as Northwest Harvest, the SHERRIF Fund, and Regional Animal Services.

Congratulations to all employees who supported this year’s campaign, and to Junelle Kroontje, King County Employee Giving Program Administrator, for the continued – and continuously improving – success of the Employee Giving Drive! Helping Junelle turn a goal into reality were the many Annual Giving Drive Ambassadors. “This program is a labor of love of all those who touch it.  It is a people program and the more people that are involved the more we can do. Just as we saw this year. I am so proud to work with such incredible people.”

Ambassadors are critical to the success of the drive; ensuring each employee has the information they need to take advantage of the drive’s many opportunities to give! Ambassador roles include department- and division-level leads, special event coordinators, speaker sponsors and Nonprofit Expo volunteers.

The Employee Giving Program is a philanthropic resource for King County employees year-round.  If you are interested in making a difference all year long with this great program, have a cup of coffee on us and learn about the EGP Committee.

The Employee Giving Program team thanks  you for your donations and dedication to the community!

The Employee Giving Program team thanks you for your donations and dedication to the community!

For more information, including an overview of the results by department, visit the EGP site. For additional questions, email EmployeeGiving@KingCounty.gov or call 206-263-9405.