Sustaining the beacon of hope

Dear fellow King County employee,

King County Executive Dow Constantine

King County Executive Dow Constantine

On Friday, the new President signed an Executive Order that blocks citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days, and indefinitely bans all Syrian refugees.

The President’s Order sparked shock, fear and confusion in King County and across the world. It directly impacts people we work alongside, our friends and neighbors in the community, and families and loved ones here and around the world. It shuts the door on people fleeing violence and oppression at a time that they need us most.

In stressful, uncertain times we need to come together and support one another. We need to remember who we are and what we stand for, and not let ourselves be defined by decisions that go against everything that we believe in.

I want to remind you that there are many support services available to you through our Making Life Easier and Employee Assistance Programs, such as a free 30 minute consultation with an immigration attorney, discounted attorney rates, and counseling sessions with licensed professionals. If you need assistance or just to talk to someone, please take advantage of these services.

Our nation has served as a beacon of hope for millions of people around the world. At King County, we will do whatever we can to ensure that beacon continues to shine brightly.


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Dow Constantine
King County Executive