Online tax payments surpass $300 Million in 2016

More and more taxpayers in King County are opting to pay online thanks to the ease and efficiency of eCommerce. In 2016 King County saw double-digit growth in online tax payments, as the number of online payments increased by 8,775 to 66,338, a 15.2% increase from 2015.

First-half property tax payments are due Monday, May 1, and can be paid online.

“We are encouraged that more and more taxpayers are gravitating toward electronic payments,” said Mark Thompson, Property Tax Supervisor with King County Treasury Operations. “Leveraging technology is just one way we continuously strive to improve upon the services we provide to the taxpayers of King County.”

To use the online service, visit the County’s safe, secure eCommerce System. If you have questions, view Treasury Operation’s Frequently Asked Questions, call 206-263-2890, or email customer service at