Why King County is leading with racial justice

Yesterday King County Executive Dow Constantine announced that King County is prioritizing racial justice in our work and the implementation of our Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Strategic Plan.

We all benefit from having an equitable and just society where everyone has a fair shot at success and is able to contribute, where no one is held back because of the color of their skin.

The Office of Equity and Social Justice has put together a short Q&A to answer some questions that you may have.

Why is King County focusing on racial justice?

When we look at data across our communities, whether its people’s health, access to housing and good paying jobs, graduation rates, incomes or incarcerations, disparities are greatest when we look by race. The most persistent and detrimental disparities are starkest when we look at race. By leading with racial justice we are committing to taking on the root causes of our most challenging problems and to focus where we can have the biggest impact and needs are greatest.

Our ESJ approach is comprehensive, working to address all forms of inequities, discrimination and bias. By leading with racial justice, we will learn the tools and strategies that apply to all inequities and will be able to apply them to eliminate all forms of discrimination and disparities and their intersection with race.

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