Kudos to Hizkiel Chibssa for outstanding work performance

Hizkiel ChibssaSergeant Peter Boehme, with the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, recently shared this memo in praise of employee Hizkiel Chibssa, with Maintenance and Supply, King County Correctional Facility.
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we at the King County Jail, Seattle division, have noticed Mr. Hizkiel Chibssa‘s outstanding performance in floor care. Mr. Hizkiel Chibssa’s enthusiasm and professionalism while performing his job is commendable and deserves recognition. We are truly impressed not only by his work ethic but the results are outstanding. In the last 6 months our floors have never looked better and I continually received compliments regarding the work he has completed. It’s obvious that Mr. Hizkiel Chibssa has a great deal of pride regarding his work.
Kudos to Hizkiel! We thank him for his dedication and hard work!