Students test the science and engineering behind water systems

Crossposted from Clean Water Stories 

It’s that time of year, when King County Wastewater Treatment Division spends a lot of time with students.  During spring semester, our educators and students in our service area work together in elementary school programs about water systems.

We know that 4th and 5th grade students are good candidates for this education.  They are learning about science. They are curious. They haven’t quite outgrown the bathroom humor phase. They are the right age to help teach their parents good water/wastewater etiquette. We’re pretty sure that after a class or a tour, these young wastewater stewards point out things their parents shouldn’t put down household drains, like disposable wipes and grease. These kids are into it and they get it.

WTD’s education and tour programs aren’t just about schooling young people on good disposal practices. We are inspiring students to learn about water systems their generation will someday have to take over. We reveal the science and engineering behind these systems to engage the next generation of public health protectors and infrastructure innovators.

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