Tech Tip: Multimedia version: The Rule of Thirds

Most of the time, you can instantly get a sense of whether or not a given photo was taken by an amateur or someone with a lot of photographic experience. This is because amateurs don’t have a feel for composition, and good composition is the soul of a great photograph.

Composition is the placement of every element in a photograph. It describes how a photo is “composed,” which implies intentionality. Someone who pays no mind to composition can only take good shots by coincidence. On the other hand, once you truly have a grasp of composition, you’ll be able to create great shots out of every subject, location, and circumstance.

Of the many theories on how to compose a shot, the easiest and most effective is the rule of thirds: mentally divide the image into thirds using two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, then place elements of high visual interest at any of the four intersections.

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