Nurses Week focus on good health for nurses, promotes resilience 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider

Anneleen Severynen builds resilience spending time with her chickens.

Burnout is a problem in many professions – and particularly in nursing. For National Nurses Week this year, the focus is on promoting good health for nurses themselves. Within Public Health – Seattle & King County, this fits squarely with many efforts to help people overcome the impacts of burnout and “secondary trauma” (which comes with providing intensive, compassionate care to vulnerable populations).

At the core of this work is resilience – the capacity to recover from adversity.

Anneleen Severynen, a Public Health Nurse with Health Care for the Homeless Network, is one of the department’s champions for understanding the impacts of trauma and building resilience. Severynen has been with PHSKC for five years, and she has a 25-year career with a number of public health agencies, with a special focus working with homeless populations.

We asked her to explain how working with traumatized clients impacts nurses.

Read more at Public Health Insider

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