Doubling down on equity and social justice 

Crossposted from Inside Transportation

King County’s ambitious program to extend fairness and opportunity to all is rolling out to departments and agencies.

First came the six-year strategic plan, adopted last year as a blueprint for putting equity and social justice (ESJ) at the heart of every county activity. Now each department is creating its own specific plan for meeting the goals the county has set. These fall into six areas (see box at left).

This far-reaching program aims to transform the way we do business—both internally (hiring, promotions, training) and externally (customer service, service planning, public outreach).

In late March, 80 Transportation staffers gathered in Rainier Valley for an all-day workshop to kick off the department’s part of that work.

A powerful morning session on racial justice, presented by Metro’s diversity and inclusion manager, Anita Whitfield, featured personal stories from two department leaders.

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