Administrative Professionals Recognition Event a huge success

Career Support Services and the Administrative Professionals Advisory Committee sponsored the second annual Administrative Professionals Recognition Event on April 26. More than 200 employees attended the event, which is an impressive increase over last year’s attendance of about 100.

As part of the festivities, attendees enjoyed tasty treats, networked, learned valuable information from guest speakers including an introduction to Career Support Services’ new online career development tool, and of course had a great time.

Many administrative professionals expressed their gratitude:

“Thank you for the efforts involved with organizing today’s second annual King County Administrative Professionals Recognition Event.  It was my first time attending and the event was worthwhile and engaging. This acknowledgement and recognition has reaffirmed that King County is a wonderful place to work. I’m glad to be here.”

“Thanks for hosting such a successful event yesterday that clearly helped folks to feel honored, valued, appreciated!”

“Thank you guys so much for sponsoring this wonderful event for us – Administration Day! 🙂  I truly enjoyed myself.”

“I was at the great Admin event today. Thank you very much for having us there!”

“There are some staff that didn’t get to attend the event and asked where I got my awesome MLK pin.”

To learn more about the Administrative Professionals Program, visit  or email

Individuals recognized at the event were nominated before March 24, 2017. They are:

From Adult and Juvenile Detention: Cathy Bossett, Lisa Burden, Traci Case, Anna Ponder, Jimmy Serrano, Mistica Straight. From Assessments: Kay Koitzsch. From Community and Human Services: Mindy Hawkins. From District Courts: Stephanie Ramirez. From Elections: The Voter Services Team, Signe Chan. From Executive Services: Teresa Brown, Ben Gannon, Amanda Gudmunson, Sandra Netwon-Hinton. From Natural Resources and Parks: Sylvia Aro, Proceso Bihis, Robert Edsforth, Roxanne Malatesta, Paige Meyers, Kris Nielsen, Kristin Painter, Anna Pennington, Robin Robinson, Michael Stella, Karen Yoshioka. From Public Defense: Kieran Alho, Patty Berry, Marcella Clement, Mickayla Rogers, Stephanie Sellers, Charlotte Smith. From Public Health: Caroline Aaron, Danica Boss, Patricia Christie, Robin Cowan, Shirley Dickerson, Senkanesh Gizaw, Donna  Hale, Julie Hasz, Leah Holland, Lena Louie, Jennifer Loyd, Claire Magbanua, Lila Mota-Loza, Leslie Martin Pruneda, Angela Rutledge, Keith Siebler, Vince Webb. From Transportation: Lisa Dove, Linda Eaves, Judith Price, Kerri Tsujii, Mirla Santiago.

Click here to see a video of the event, or watch it below.