Promoting access to benefits and services for immigrants

Dear fellow King County employee, 

Just over two weeks ago, on May 1, we celebrated International Workers Day.  I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the hard work you and all our co-workers are doing to build King County as an inclusive and welcoming county. 

My office has been receiving a number of questions from our employees about how they can protect their clients in a situation where immigration agents come to their building.  We know that many are concerned about the social and political climate in our communities and we have heard from many employees that your clients are very distressed about potential immigration sweeps.  

I have directed a team to work on these issues to ensure that we remain constantly aware about the level of fear and anxiety that members of immigrant and refugee communities are living with at this time. We will do everything we can to promote access to benefits and services for members of the community. 

King County has always been a beacon of opportunity for immigrants from around the world. For many years, Immigrants have arrived in King County looking for a better future: setting down roots, opening businesses, and helping with our vital economic growth. 

In order for immigrants to have every opportunity to succeed and contribute to their communities and to the county, we must ensure that they have access to vital health, legal, and social services that can help them prosper, while also remaining in compliance with federal laws.  I have highlighted some existing principles and pillars of our work as well as some new policies that we are working to put in place on this webpage,

Thank you for all of your work on behalf of the people of King County.

Dow Signature

Dow Constantine

King County Executive