Northshore Clinic prepares for move to Totem Lake in June

This June, the Northshore Public Health Center will move from its current location of 25 years in south Bothell to a new location in Kirkland. The new location at Totem Lake offers better access for clients and closer proximity to key health care partners, particularly Evergreen Medical Center. The new site’s services – Maternity Support Services, WIC (Women Infants and Children), enrollment into health insurance, Orca Lift and other services – will be adjacent to a Metro transit center. The move is the final phase in the sale of the Northshore facility. Selling Northshore was the preferred choice in a study required by a Council Proviso, with the funds helping to improve the Public Health Fund balance.

The final day of services at the old site will likely be Wednesday, June 7, and will be closed on June 8, 9 and 12th to prepare for the move to the Totem Lake area. The anticipated day for opening to the public at the new site is Tuesday, June 13.

For updates and more information visit the Northshore Public Health Center webpage here or contact the center directly at 206-263-2680.