What is “Investing in You?” 

Last week Executive Constantine launched Investing in You, a strategy that brings together our work in Equity and Social Justice, Best-Run Government: Employees and Continuous Improvement into a single, comprehensive plan focused on making King County a great place to work.

By aligning this work into a single strategy we can ensure that all of the County’s employee-focused efforts are working collaboratively towards the same goal – a fair, supportive, innovative and racially diverse workplace – and we can see how the individual components fit together.

Investing in You teams are working on key actions in six goal areas: Workplace Culture; Health, Well-Being and Safety; Learning and Growth; Racially Diverse and Culturally Responsive at All Levels; Total Compensation; and Business Operations and Systems that support employees. These teams will track and report their progress to the Executive’s Office and to employees.

Watch this short video to learn more and visit the Investing in You website for more details on some of the 2017 priority actions.