The poop-loop scoop: How King County recycles waste and water 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

Public health is committed to preventing disease and death from water-borne pathogens. Modern sanitation, including wastewater treatment, is key to keeping our waters clean and the people and animals that live here healthy. But the efficiency of modern sanitation creates an interesting problem. 

Today, our waste is “out of sight, out of mind” as soon as we flush the toilet or as soon as the water disappears down the drain. We might know that dirty water goes somewhere, and it gets cleaned. What we don’t know is how the process works, how we affect it, what happens to that waste, and how it is treated to prevent the spread of illness from pathogens. 

Most people aren’t aware of the value of our waste.  Calling it “waste” makes our dirty water seem like a throwaway commodity.  In fact, it is a very valuable resource.

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