Internships at KCDOT can lead to careers

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You never know where an internship can lead. Some of King County DOT’s top managers got their start as interns at the County. We’ve seen the demonstrable benefits of cultivating young minds that can bring fresh ideas and talent to public service, and in particular to the transit industry.

KCDOT’s intern program began as an offshoot of the Federal Work-Study program, and ever since then, hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students have generated innovative ideas, written meaningful policy, and refined and streamlined processes which have improved the lives of our residents. Scroll down to meet ten of our current interns in Metro Transit. If history is any guide, there is no limit to what they might achieve.

State Court of Appeals Judge Marlin Appelwick, who also served 16 years in the Washington State Legislature, was one of the earliest interns at KCDOT. He worked on legislation which led to the implementation of the Vanpool program.

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