Kudos! Positive community response received to WTD activities at construction site

Members of the neighborhood at the site of Wastewater Treatment Division’s (WTD’s) construction of the Sunset and Heathfield Pump Station Replacement and Force Main Upgrade project have sent emails to King County to express their appreciation for the amount of communication they’ve received from WTD, and for the safety concerns shown for the residents by the contractor’s workers.

I wanted to send a note of thanks to De’Sean Quinn and his team who are working on the Sunset and Heathfield pump stations project. We live across the street from the Heathfield Pump Station. We knew this was a huge project that was going to affect us. Every step of the way, the team has been incredible with its communication. I have appreciated all of the updates. Now that the project is underway, we are having minor nuisances – as to be expected. However, everyone working on the project has been incredibly helpful. I was walking my dog this week, and cut onto a lawn to avoid the cars. One of the flaggers made sure to let me know that they would stop traffic so I could walk safely. This project is going way better than I had expected. I just wanted to be sure that the team was recognized for their concerns in the neighborhood.

I live up the hill from Vasa Vista Park and the contractor workers have been great – friendly, efficient and most importantly, keeping everyone safe. I walk a lot and they make sure I get where I’m going quickly and safely.

Kudos to our WTD employees for the great work they are doing in keeping the community safe throughout this construction project!