eCourt: Case filing made easy 

With over 200,000 case filings a year, King County District Court clerks processed 2,429,000 pieces of paper in one year alone using  a 1980’s software system jokingly referred to as the ‘black screen of death’. In order to improve workflow efficiency, expedite cases and reduce their carbon footprint, District Court is launching eCourt, a new electronic case management system that offers new functionality County employees and residents will enjoy, electronic filing being one of them.

“Not only the Court is reducing its carbon footprint, we’re helping other people reduce their carbon footprint on the world: they don’t have to drive to court any longer; they’re going to save money on gas; they’re not going to be required to leave work. They can do it at midnight if they wish to,” Judge Elizabeth Stephenson said.

To learn more view the video below or visit the District Court website.