Recognizing service and sacrifice of DAJD employees

DAJD Grad)On Oct. 24, the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention honored friends and colleagues for their outstanding service and sacrifice at the 18th Annual Employee Recognition Award Ceremony.

“To me, there’s no greater responsibility than serving the public, including our youth,” King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove said at the event. “And it’s a duty we all share, and it’s an effort and a battle that you fight every day. This deserves to be acknowledged, and you deserve this recognition. So on behalf of myself and the King County Council, I want to lead off by saying thank you for all that you do.”

CM Upthegrove then described how he and his 75-year-old father recently completed the Seafair Triathalon together despite the fact that his father lost his sight a few years ago. Together, they swam as a team, ran as a team, and even biked together using a tandem bicycle to complete the course. “By working together and serving others, we can overcome any obstacle,” he said.

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the namesake of our county, once said, ‘If you want to be important, wonderful. If you want to be recognized, wonderful. If you want to be great, wonderful. But recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be a servant. That’s the new definition of greatness.’ So thank you all for being dedicated servants, thank you for all that you do. Congratulations to the award winners, and thanks for inspiring me and so many others in King County to do the best job we can.”

2017 DAJD Employee Award Recipients include:

  • Alin Nicoara, Purple Heart
  • Adam Wong, Purple Heart
  • Pamela Dunderdale, Life Saving Award
  • Don Nguyen, Life Saving Award
  • O’Leary Michael, Life Saving Award
  • Chris VanDerVliet, Life Saving Award
  • Michael Jarvis, Life Saving Award
  • Richard Gorman, Life Saving Award
  • Napolean Rafanan, Life Saving Award
  • Steven Lee, Life Saving Award
  • Michael Thomas, Life Saving Award
  • Robert Milne, Life Saving Award
  • Irvin Worrell, Life Saving Award
  • Stinson, David, Life Saving Award
  • Charles Helmer, Life Saving Award
  • Maurice Collier, Life Saving Award
  • Dennis Folk, Life Saving Award
  • Zane McCraw, Life Saving Award
  • Edward Oman, Life Saving Award
  • Vern Dupea, Life Saving Award
  • Dynese Greer, Life Saving Award
  • Ramil Pagulayan, Meritorious Achievement
  • Mores Gluaymai Na Ayudhaya, Meritorious Achievement
  • Randall Green, Meritorious Achievement
  • Joseph Korzeniecki, Meritorious Achievement
  • Kathleen Callaghan, Meritorious Achievement
  • Joseph Ho, Meritorious Service
  • Stephanie Robel, Meritorious Service
  • Todd Lassila, Distinguished Service
  • Charla Williams, Distinguished Service
  • Andrew Currier, Distinguished Service
  • Christopher Ossewaarde, Distinguished Service
  • Troy Bacon, Distinguished Service
  • Michael Allen, Distinguished Service
  • Joshua Bott, Distinguished Service
  • Davis, LaVance, Distinguished Service
  • Kristin Jones, Distinguished Service
  • Wilena Montgomery, Distinguished Service
  • Angela Toussaint, Distinguished Service
  • Megan Pedersen, Distinguished Service
  • Hikari Tamura, Distinguished Service
  • Rodriguez, Jorge, Distinguished Service
  • Jose Reynaga, Distinguished Service
  • Tinney, Catherine, Distinguished Service
  • Ashley Mareld, Distinguished Service
  • Greg Hanson, Distinguished Service
  • Mary Missler, Distinguished Service
  • Ebony Frazier, Distinguished Service
  • Nonylon Astudillo, Distinguished Service
  • Jennifer Conston, Certificate of Achievement
  • Troy Bacon, Certificate of Achievement
  • Robert Beckman, Certificate of Achievement
  • Ena Kyles, Certificate of Achievement
  • Anna Ponder, Certificate of Achievement
  • Sabrina Gorman, Certificate of Achievement
  • Steven Anderson, Certificate of Achievement
  • Garrett Ferreiro, Certificate of Achievement
  • Steven Fox, Certificate of Achievement
  • Benjamin Frary, Certificate of Achievement
  • Michael Garcia, Certificate of Achievement
  • Jens Jellen, Certificate of Achievement
  • David Kirk, Certificate of Achievement
  • Abdulmonaiem Mohamed, Certificate of Achievement
  • Richard Neher, Certificate of Achievement
  • Norman Walton, Certificate of Achievement
  • Todd Wheeler, Certificate of Achievement
  • Terri Stewart, Certificate of Achievement
  • Hulet Gates, Certificate of Achievement
  • Richard Gold, Certificate of Achievement

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