We will pay to train you 

Crossposted from Clean Water Stories 

Our business is unconventional – and that works for a lot of our employees. 

We get it. Any of us who work here at King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) have been asked what we do for a living – and we’ve seen the smirks and heard the giggles when we explain we help run the region’s sewer utility. 

Most of us did not seek out a career in wastewater, but many of us were pleasantly surprised when we found one. The people who operate our treatment plants and build our projects say things like… 

  • “I like that my job is more than just working in an office.” 
  • “I was hooked on the first treatment plant tour.” 
  • “I love the water, and why not be a part of protecting it?” 

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