King County partners with Ballmer Group to expand access to outpatient mental health and addiction treatment 

As many as 22,000 low-income people in King County will be eligible for same-day outpatient treatment for mental health and addiction services under an innovative new program announced today by King County, Ballmer Group and Third Sector Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based nonprofit advisory firm that collaborates with communities on how to contract for social services. 

The “Pay for Success” model will allocate $1.4 million a year in incentive payments to mental health and substance use treatment agencies that provide outpatient treatment on demand for people in need. 

“We are combining County resources with local philanthropy to open the door for King County residents to have access to outpatient treatment on demand,” said Executive Constantine. “We are committed to delivering on our promise to make treatment available where and when people need it, and we will continue to work with our partners at the state and federal governments to ensure that mental health and addiction services are adequately funded for those we bring in the front door.” 

Read more in the official press release.