Year in review: King County’s 2017 Juvenile Justice reform progress 

Crossposted from King County Youth Justice 

Reform doesn’t happen overnight. That doesn’t mean it can’t be impressive to look back at how much progress can be made in just one year. In 2017, King County continued to step up its investments and commitments to eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline: 

  • Safe Spaces: King County set in motion partnerships with organizations across the County to open up more safe, non-detention overnight spaces for struggling youth. More beds will be opening up in South King County in early 2018.   
  • Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Best Starts for Kids hired on a project manager for its Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline project area, invested in a pilot diversion program for youth involved in theft cases, and accepted grant applications from community groups committed to reducing youth interaction with the juvenile justice system. 

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