2017 in review: Leading the nation in the transition to battery-powered buses 

Crossposted from Inside Transportation 

King County Executive Dow Constantine is accelerating the transition to zero-emissions transportation by making one of the largest bus fleets in the US all-electric by as early as 2034. Under his leadership, and that of DOT Director Harold Taniguchi and Metro General Manager Rob Gannon, Metro is not only upgrading its fleet to battery-powered buses, we’re demonstrating that there is strong market demand for the new generation of cleaner, quieter buses that can help King County confront climate change. 

In January, Executive Constantine announced Metro’s commitment to purchase 120 battery-electric buses by 2020.  In April, he secured a deal with Puget Sound Energy, called Green Direct, which, starting in 2019, will power 98 percent of King County’s buildings and facilities in PSE’s territory, including Metro’s bus charging stations, with clean wind electricity generated by a new windfarm in Western Washington. 

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