Metro explores new ways to provide mobility 

Crossposted from Metro Matters 

Pictured: King County Executive Dow Constantine and community leaders at a Jan. 30 ribbon-cutting for the Des Moines Community Shuttle.

Not everyone who needs transit lives near a bus stop. And not every area has the right mix of infrastructure and housing to support traditional bus service. So Metro is exploring several new ways to connect more people to transit and improve mobility options for customers who need them. 

Metro recently launched the Des Moines Community Shuttle/Route 635, in partnership with the City of Des Moines, to connect workers commuting to Des Moines with the Angle Lake light rail station. It is one of the ways Metro is working to connect more people to transit and improve mobility. 

The Des Moines Community Shuttle is one of several new mobility solutions now in service or in the works through Metro’s Community Connections program, which is built on partnerships with local communities to meet their unique transportation needs. 

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