Op-ed: Our antiquated tax system can be changed and made fair for all

In a joint Seattle Times op-ed with King County Assessor John Wilson, Executive Constantine calls on the Legislature to create a fairer tax system. Here is an excerpt: 

“Hiking property taxes in Democratic King County was the former Republican state Senate majority’s parting gift — a neat solution to addressing the Supreme Court’s order to better fund schools statewide. While next year the taxes may actually decrease in other areas of the state, higher property values in King County mean that won’t be the case for most of our region’s homeowners. But, with Democrats now in control of the state Senate, the Legislature can enact fairer and more responsible tax options.” 

Read more at The Seattle Times. Image courtesy of The Seattle Times.

2 Comments on “Op-ed: Our antiquated tax system can be changed and made fair for all

  1. Why is our employee news webpage being used to promote the political agenda of our executive? I don’t think it’s appropriate. We do not promote political positions in the workplace, because we are funded by all King County taxpayers. Shouldn’t we also respect the opinions and values of all KC employees? Especially on this webpage?

    • Hello Donna, thank you for your comment. King County Treasury recently sent out the annual property tax bills and some property owners have been asking questions about why they are seeing increases in their bills. The Op-Ed by Executive Constantine and Assessor Wilson explains what is driving the increases in property taxes and the actions that the state legislature will potentially take to address these increases going forward. In Employee News we seek to highlight the work that employees are doing, their successes and achievements, as well as upcoming events, key issues that the County is facing and priorities it is pursuing, and employee appearances in the media. In this instance we believe that property tax bills, which are assessed and distributed by King County, are a significant County issue and one that County employees – many of whom are property owners in King County – should be informed about. Sincerely, Jason Argo, Employee Communications Manager