Seven lessons from Harry Potter about letting youth lead 

Crossposted from the Best Starts for Kids Blog 

We’ve all seen movies where an adult walks into a young person’s life and everything changes. There are heartfelt monologues, touching moments, and in the best of them, at least one inspiring musical number. While there is a special place in our hearts for these movies, the truth is that young people don’t need adults to save them—they need us to get out of their way. But that doesn’t mean there is no role for adults in youth movements. We need to get behind our young people, and use the power we wield to move their work forward. 

How do we do this?  We found inspiration in the source of life’s most important lessons: Harry Potter. Here are 7 ways you can get out of the way and get behind young people, brought to you by the cast of Harry Potter. 

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