Tech Tip: KCIT adds more security to email

phishingkeyboard.jpgKing County is actively working to improve email security to decrease the number of incidents and comprised accounts related to phishing. As part of this proactive approach, two new security features were implemented Monday that add another layer of protection to our email security. The new features are:

  • URL Protection: The URL protection protects us by checking to see if a URL in the email is safe. When you click on the URL, it will be checked to ensure the URL is safe before opening the website. If the link is not safe, you will be redirected to a web page that notifies you the link is unsafe. If the link is safe, the website will open as usual.
  • Attachment Protection: The attachment protection protects the County by ensuring that email attachments are safe prior to opening. Attachments are a common way for malicious programs to infect your computer or email account. The attachment protection checks email attachments to ensure they are safe prior to you opening them. As a result, when attempting to open an attachment, you may see it being actively scanned and there may be a slight delay opening it.

These products will help improve our protection, but no single security solution will provide 100% protection against ever-evolving security threats. Please continue to be mindful of the emails, links, and attachments you are opening. If you are unsure if the email or content is safe, follow the current process and send the email to the Help Desk.