Chief Operating Officer tours treatment plant, meets with employees

Casey Sixkiller, Chief Operating Officer for King County Executive Dow Constantine, has been out meeting employees and leaders at worksites across the county since joining Executive Constantine’s Senior Leadership Team in February to learn more about all of the County’s lines of business, and he recently met with employees at the West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Magnolia.

West Point treats sewage and stormwater from Seattle and its northern suburbs – about 100 million gallons a day, and up to 440 million gallons during heavy rains – and serves approximately 700,000 customers.

“I’m just so impressed by the level of dedication and professionalism that our employees are bringing to the work that they do,” Sixkiller said. “To see this government in action is very exciting. It reminds me why I decided to make this move across the country to be part of public service.”

COO Capture.JPG

Watch the short video to learn more about West Point and Casey’s visit.