Tech Tip: Leveraging Skype for Business at King County

Skype for Business

Over the past year, KCIT and Employee News have shared a range of great Skype for Business articles.

Here’s a rollup, in case you missed any!

Tech Tip: Skype for Business: How to Skype with external customersThe Skype for Business (Lync/UC) account on your computer is a simple and effective way to have meaningful (remote) meetings with clients, partners and customers even if your client, partner or customer doesn’t have a Skype for Business account.

Tech Tip: Skype Bite – How to Use Instant MessagingWant to get in touch with someone fast? Skype for Business is perfect for that. Whether it’s an instant message, call, or a cute (work-related) emoji, Skype should be your first, fast option.

Tech Tip: Skype Bite: How to invite an external person to a Skype meetingMany of us do business with outside customers and need those outside customers to use the King County Lync/Skype for Business system. It’s easy for those customers to download the web app. Here’s how.

Tech Tip: Skype 4 Business: Ordering King County Skype phones, headsets or speakersGo shopping at the King County Skype store then contact your telecom rep and let them know what you want.

Tech Tip: Skype for Business (S4B): How to set up and add people to a groupS4B groups are like email groups – only better. With S4B, you can Instant Message, make a quick call, or set up skype meetings for the future – just to that group.

Tech Tip: Skype Bites: How to forward your phone using Skype for BusinessNo one can be at their desk 24/7/365. Skype for Business allows you to forward your calls to many places including your personal cell, an individual or an entire call group.

Tech Tip: Skype Bites: How to get Skype for Business into your Outlook and Calendar RibbonPeople say, “I can’t even get Skype on my computer! Your Skype bites are of no use to me!” Here’s how to do it in 30 seconds … well … 39 seconds.

Tech Tip: Skype Bite: Virtual meeting toolsSkype is a powerful tool. You can hold virtual meetings with anyone inside and outside King County providing they have Skype for Business.

Tech Tip: Create a Skype meetingThis one minute video shows you how to turn a regular meeting into a Skype meeting for guests unable to attend in person.

Tech Tip: Skype for Business: Switching handset to headsetDo you want to switch from your desk phone to a headset in the middle of a call? It’s no problem with Skype for Business!

Tech Tip: Skype for Business Desktop SharingStep-by-step directions on how to share your desktop with Skype for Business.