Enseñanzas del Data Dive Latino/a

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Part 4 of our Community Owned Data blog series

This is the fourth post in our month-long Community Owned Data series we are doing to highlight our learnings from the Best Starts for Kids Health Survey. We brought the data to specific communities in the form of “data dives,” asked what they thought, and learned a lot from community input and data interpretation! In this post, we hear directly from a facilitator who led a Latino/a data dive event.


Participants of the Latino/a Data Dive. Participantes del Data Dive Latino/a.

Each of our eight data dive community meetings were led by community partners and facilitated by members from the particular invited community. Maria Cruz facilitated the conversation during the Latino/a data dive and shares her takeaways in an audio recording at the end of the BS4K post.

Maria Cruz es una facilitadora en nuestra Colaboración de Café en la Comunidad. Ella condujo el grupo para compartir data y sus enseñanzas (con su compañera de equipo en la Colaboración de Café en la Comunidad, Fátima González-Galindo)