King County releases Annual Financial Reports

The 2017 King County CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) and the PAFR (Popular Annual Financial Report) are now available online.

CAFR CaptureThe CAFR consists of management’s representations concerning the finances of King County. The financial statements within the report have been audited by the Washington State Auditor’s Office and were prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles that are prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board for all state and local governments in the United States of America.

PAFR CaptureThe PAFR provides an overview of King County’s financial condition with a brief analysis of where revenues come from and how the monies including tax dollars are spent. It seeks to inform readers about King County’s basic financial structure with emphasis on the results of its operations during the 2017 fiscal year. The PAFR is not audited, but the report is based on the audited CAFR.

Click on the above corresponding acronym link to view the PDF file. Hardcopies will be available towards the end of July. If you need a printed copy of either report, send a request to . For questions about the report, please contact Manny Cristobal at