Metro earns top award – best in North America

In a message to Metro’s employees, General Manager Rob Gannon shared the fantastic news that the American Public Transportation Association has recognized King County Metro as Outstanding Public Transportation System of the Year!


Dear Metro colleagues,


King County Metro General Manager Rob Gannon

I have wonderful news to share with you: Metro has been named Outstanding Public Transportation System of the year—the best among the largest transit agencies in North America.

All of you—our 4,800 employees—earned this honor through your hard work, exceptional customer service, and innovations in service and technology. I am immensely proud to be part of this agency, where so many people with different skills, backgrounds, thinking and experiences work together to deliver excellent service to the public.

This prestigious award, bestowed by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), recognizes Metro’s impressive achievements over the past three years, including:

  • Efficient, effective operations
  • A 15 percent expansion of service and record-high ridership
  • Leadership in adopting new electric trolleys and battery buses as we move toward a zero-emission fleet
  • Enhancement of our safety program
  • Our ORCA LIFT reduced fare that’s making transportation more affordable for 70,000 people with low incomes
  • New mobility solutions to meet local community needs, such as community shuttles
  • Our long-term plan, METRO CONNECTS, that lays out our vision for doubling transit service over the next 25 years and offering more frequent, innovative, and interconnected mobility options all day long across King County.

The scope of these accomplishments, and the fact that many were made under intense time pressure, makes them especially remarkable.

A community honor
Our successes stem not only from our internal efforts, but also from steadfast community support. We are fortunate to have elected leaders who strongly back transit, cities and transit agencies that partner with us to create services that work, voters who have approved transit funding, and hundreds of thousands of riders who choose Metro buses, vanpools, and other mobility options every day. The APTA award is truly a community honor—we got there together.

What’s ahead
While the award recognizes what we’ve done, it also positions Metro to be a leader in the future. APTA has more than 300 transit agency members in the U.S., Canada and around the world. At a time when many of these agencies are experiencing declining ridership, competition from other transportation providers, and rapid technological change, they’ll be turning to us as a model for surviving and thriving. This is a great opportunity for us to continue being innovators and leaders.

There is still much work ahead as we continue to grow our system. A hallmark of our agency is our relentless drive to improve. Our goal is sustained excellence: we work every day to serve our customers—and each other—even better.

The Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award will be formally presented at APTA’s annual meeting in September. We’ll be celebrating and highlighting this honor in various ways throughout the year ahead.

Take care of each other and be safe—and proud!

Rob Gannon, General Manager
King County Metro