Kudos! to FMD for the DPD moves

Staff from Public Defense’s The Defenders Association Division moved in with the rest of their colleagues at the Dexter Horton Building last month. TDA Division leadership shared their appreciation for the great work Facilities Management Division did in a note:


The Dexter Horton Building

“FMD movers did an outstanding job moving a majority of containers and furniture Friday night. They were methodical, professional and skilled in doing the move job. IT team members were patient, calm and very helpful. The DPD Operations team and FMD team members were busy answering questions and helping staff find their offices and items. Due to your team’s dedicated work, [we] were able to carry on our work the very first day as we did at Central Building. There were a few technical glitches and a few tweaks needed to be made. It would not have been possible without your skilled team members’ help.”

Kudos, FMD!