Metro’s ‘Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year’ keeps buses and coworkers going

Crossposted from Metro Matters

After 34 years, mechanic Dave Bankson is one of the best at his job at King County Metro. He works hard to stay current on changing technology, has become a go-to resource on new diesel-hybrid fleets, and readily shares his expertise.

Bankson recently was honored as Metro’s Vehicle Maintenance Employee of the Year for 2018.

He accepted the award in front of a room full of coworkers, many who praised his work ethic and the way he mentors others to be successful.

“I don’t have just one story to show what a great guy he is, but I have the experience of being around him and the experience of working beside him,” said Chris Parrott, Metro’s managing director of Vehicle Maintenance.  “Dave works hard and he works hard until the job is complete.”

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