GPS locators coming to fleet vehicles 

This fall, King County is installing Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, also known as the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) System, in most County vehicles. KCIT is overseeing implementation of this technology.

AVL is designed to enhance internal services and public service delivery, as well as advance the Executive’s Best Run Government and Combating Climate Change initiatives. The AVL System will automate and expand data collection to drive decisions on issues such as right-sizing our fleet, minimizing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and helping us better manage field operations. Implementing this technology will help County agencies optimize routing and dispatch, improve response times, facilitate data-driven capital and operating decisions, and expedite sharing of accurate real time service information (such as snow plowing) with the public.

The system will be implemented in phases throughout the remainder of 2018 and into 2019/2020. Employees will receive more information from their department leadership when their phase is coming up.

An executive policy is being developed to establish standards for uses of the AVL System. The policy will also provide users with guidelines regarding their authority and responsibilities for the data collected and the records generated by the system. When the policy is finalized, it will be available here.

AVL will be installed on most vehicles managed by the Fleet Administration Division. The system will not be installed on revenue-generating vehicles such as buses, vanpools, or Access vans. You can find more information about the AVL Project here.