Training Spotlight: Advanced PeopleSoft Query, Developing Your Leadership Style and PeopleSoft for Agency Human Resource Professionals

Advanced PeopleSoft Query, Oct. 17: It is open to experienced PeopleSoft Query users who have completed the Intermediate PeopleSoft Query training. Topics covered will include subqueries (Exist/Not Exist, In List/Not In List, other condition types), the Case statement (If-Then-Else logic), union queries and outer joins, case studies (the “movement” queries and more) and aggregates (create and Q/C aggregate queries). Learn more and register at Eventbrite.

Developing Your Leadership Style, Oct. 18: Learn how to capitalize on your personal leadership style to achieve workplace goals. In this course you will: Identify your leadership style through personal assessment; learn the difference between leadership and management; recognize the “being” and “doing” of leadership; and develop the innate motivating techniques that transform employee attitudes and enhance cooperation and teamwork. Learn more and register at Eventbrite.

PeopleSoft for Agency Human Resource Professionals Oct. 25 and ongoing: This course is designed for agency Human Resource professionals new to the PeopleSoft HR role. Human Resource professionals will learn the basics of creating a new position, position change requests, using action/reason codes, special duty effective dating and how to correct errors. Learn more and register on Eventbrite.