The many ways to vote in King County 

King County Elections makes it simple and convenient for voters throughout the county to make their voice heard. In addition to offering prepaid postage, Elections also provides accessible voting centers and an online ballot marking program for people who need assistance completing their ballot.

Pictured: An Elections employee helping a voter use an accessible voting unit.

The accessible voting centers are operated by trained staff and have special equipment available to help voters with disabilities cast a private, independent ballot. The equipment is a special machine called an Accessible Voting Unit (AVU). It has a touch screen and audio ballots to accommodate voters. These centers guarantee all King County voters have the opportunity to vote.

For the upcoming General Election on Tuesday, November 6, accessible voting will be available at:

King County Elections also allows voters to use an online ballot marking program. This method is designed to enable blind or vision-impaired voters to cast a private ballot. When finished, it requires voters to print out their ballot and return envelope, which can then be returned via USPS mail or at one of the many drop boxes throughout King County.

Through creative, inclusive programs like these, King County Elections ensures that everyone’s vote counts, making it an easy and accessible process for all.

To learn more about accessible voting centers, the ballot marking program, or other ways King County is helping citizens exercise their right to vote, visit