Training Spotlight: Building Change Management and Effectiveness and Basic Data Visualization

Building Change Management and Effectiveness, Nov. 5: In this 2-day program and learning lab for change agents and teams responsible for stewarding a change initiative or program for their department or division, we will focus on the tools and processes necessary to produce change acceptance and help the initiative make progress. Designed for teams and team leaders responsible for making a change be successful, we will work through the Change Acceptance Process Model (CAP) and each team will directly apply the tools to their change project, thus making actual team progress over the two days. Rather than spending time learning the theory behind the CAP model, we will spend our time applying it and learning from the application to the real projects and challenges we face with building stakeholder commitment. Learn more and register.

Basic Data Visualization, Nov. 7: Our ability to gather and collect data has steadily increased over the past decade. But data alone is not information and does not easily convey a compelling story. This half-day introductory course will allow participants to understand why data visualization is important, explore ways to tell a story with data and mock up data visualizations in whiteboard exercises, using tips explored in class. Learn more and register.