King County Drug Court serves as international model

King County Superior Court’s Drug Court is an international model, and recently had two international visits to capture what Superior Court is doing right to help manage the opioid epidemic.  

On Monday, the U.S. State Department sponsored a high-level delegation from Haiti. Visitors spent several hours speaking with Drug Court Supervisor Mary Taylor and Judge Dean Lum about how it works and the success rate.

On Tuesday, French journalist Romain Bolzinger from the French version of 60 Minutes captured how drug court impacts just one person as he followed a participant through the process. He shared that there is also an opioid epidemic in France and officials there are looking for scalable solutions to manage the problem.  
Superior Court is proud to be an international model and thanks all the participants – from DPD, the prosecutor’s office and the candidates themselves – for participating in a program that is difficult, but works.

Pictured: French journalist Romain Bolzinger following a participant through the Drug Court process.

One Comment on “King County Drug Court serves as international model

  1. What an honorable career helping people suffering from addiction find there way out. Watching the growth that comes from that has to be very rewarding. I’m a Grateful Mother to King County Drug Court because my Son is a work in progress of how it works. So proud of the people that work so hard everyday towards these accomplishments. Thank you