Research into the Comet Lodge Cemetery 

Pictured: One of the records provided to the Archives’ internal King County client:  Road Book 4 map of the Samuel Maple[s] land claim – Maple owned the property donated to the Odd Fellows for the Comet Lodge Cemetery.

Assistant Archivists Jill Anderson and Amanda Demeter worked with an internal researcher on finding historic maps of the Comet Lodge Cemetery in order to show its changing boundaries over the years. In researching this request, they discovered the cemetery’s colorful history and agreed that the Archives holdings would be a good topic for a future a blog post. Jill and Amanda located a few records that the requestor, an experienced property history researcher, hadn’t found yet himself, and offered some future strategies for getting detailed information about tracing the property size history. The client said, in response to the results, “these are awesome!” and thanked them for their assistance. Amanda also scanned related records for ease of future access.