More tips for getting around SR 99 closure

Matching commuters with carpool apps

As the region prepares to face regional congestion starting after the evening commute January 11, 2019, with the closure of SR 99 through downtown and the permanent closure of the SR 99 Viaduct, King County Metro is partnering with carpooling apps Scoop and Waze Carpool to help match commuters and provide more mobility options to area employees!

For a limited time, riders earn discounts and drivers earn bonuses by following these four easy steps:

  1. Download a free carpool app (Scoop or Waze Carpool).
  2. Enter your trip locations and times.
  3. Get matched with neighbors or co-workers going your way.
  4. Book a ride and enjoy the benefits.*

More information is available at*Service areas, pricing, and features vary across apps.

For commuters heading to, from, or through Seattle, this program creates another travel option to mitigate commute impacts. With expected traffic delays during peak hours, commuters who are unable to telecommute or use transit can help reduce their stress by leaving their car at home and sharing rides with others.

West Seattle commuters can use the new Ride2 Transit app offering on-demand rides to and from King County Metro bus routes and Water Taxi sailings. Ride2 is part of a package of new services including additional Water Taxi sailings, shuttles, and parking options during the Viaduct closure.

To learn more about the upcoming closures and how to best prepare, visit our Get Ready! page and King County’s Employee Transportation page to check out the benefits offered to you and explore your options.

Maximizing your time

If adjusting your schedule, working at an alternative location, teleworking, or taking vacation are options for your job for any of this period, please discuss these beforehand with your supervisor. We have existing policies that address attendance and work schedules, and a website with our telework policy, forms and templates that can assist your planning.

Also, try to limit meetings with external partners and people coming from outside Seattle during this period, or conduct meetings using Skype for Business (formerly Lync), as arriving on time will be very difficult.

Make the most of Fleet

If using a Fleet vehicle. consider extending vehicle reservations in Fleet’s Dispatch Reservation System, also known as INVERS, by 30-60 minutes to allow for additional travel time. Your agency will not be billed for the extra time unless it is used. If you have any questions related to the use of county vehicles during the closure, please contact your supervisor.

As always, be sure to contact Hossein if you have any employee transportation questions.


This is a map of the SR 99 closure through downtown Seattle. For more information visit