Achieving net-zero at King County Parks North Utilities Crew Shop 

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How do you solve a problem like achieving net-zero energy use? If you’re the King County Parks team working at the North Utilities Trails Crew Shop near Marymoor Park, you do it through solar panels, new lights and efficient heat pumps and air conditioners. By utilizing these tools they were able to solve the design and financial puzzle of achieving net-zero energy on two buildings with limited roof space available for solar power. 

For their efforts the Parks team was awarded the inaugural King County Executive Performance Excellence Award in the Environment category. The awards were created to recognize projects, improvements, and innovations in departments that are driving exceptional, measurable results. 

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One Comment on “Achieving net-zero at King County Parks North Utilities Crew Shop 

  1. Hi Lilia,

    This is an amazing achievement! And inspiring to other employees and King County residents.

    I am wondering if there is any place employees or others could go and see a running list of the efforts King County employees are making to reduce climate change, beyond looking at our Strategic Climate Action Plan progress report, which, though very readable and filled with helpful graphics, is high level, static, and not something that people are reading about weekly.

    Maybe a “column” in the Employee News dedicated to Climate Action? Having such a column would:

    · Help capture a broader picture of employee efforts for the next progress report of the Strategic Climate Action Plan

    · Inspire employees every week, as we read about our colleagues, like the ones below, or these at DNRP

    · Keep our focus on actions (be example) we can do to reduce climate change, rather than fall into apathy about climate change

    · Create a community of support for those who are actively working against climate change

    · Be a place where employees could look for ideas they could try in their own workplaces.

    Thank you for considering!



    PS We just started a Climate Action group here at my workplace. I’m not sure where we will focus in 2019, but right now we are looking for existing apps for aggregating individual actions, and doing research to understand carbon credits.

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