Training Spotlight: Lominger Competency and Skill Assessment and Supervision and Leadership Skills Series

Lominger Competency and Skill Assessment, March 28: During this class, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your professional skills and generate a list of self-identified competencies that reflect your towering strengths and challenges. Next, based upon the next job you want, you will compare your skills to the Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills required for your next desired position. We will also discuss possible developmental activities, action steps and resources to help you succeed. Register and learn more.

Supervision and Leadership Skills Series, April 18 and May 23: Develop your leadership, communication, motivation, and problem-solving skills with this workshop based series. Take all six sessions in the series to enhance your professional toolbox with skills useful in a variety of workplace situations. The series includes: Conflict Awareness, Developing Your Leadership Style, Communication Skills in the Workplace, Time Management/Working Smarter, Critical Thinking, and Team Building for Success. Register and learn more.

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