New and Improved Engagement Survey Report Saves Nearly 70 Trees! 

Say goodbye to the days of printing out 100+ page engagement reports! Based on your feedback, this year the County made the shift to a new engagement survey vendor, Confirmit. Part of the many perks of Confirmit was the ability to view engagement results electronically, rather than paging through hundreds of pages of a PDF. Now, instead of struggling to flip through pages of tables, users will have the ability to interact with electronic tiles like a dashboard. Managers and supervisors will have access to the online tool, and reports at the Department and Division level will continue to be available on the intranet. 

Making this shift to online reports saves approximately half a million pages of paper from being printed each year – and that’s a conservative estimate! 

In all of our work, we try to be responsible stewards and do our part to protect our environment – it’s one of the main things that makes this region special. Making a simple change like going from paper to online can have a substantial impact. 

Interested in the numbers?  

Look for the employee survey results coming Tuesday, May 21.