Help prevent the spread of measles 

King County and other counties in western Washington are currently experiencing an uptick in measles cases. The good news is that most people are fully immunized and are protected. Now is a good time to determine your immunization status. If you’re not immune or if you can’t confirm whether you’ve been fully immunized, get the vaccine. King County Health Plans fully cover the MMR vaccine for children. The adult vaccine is fully covered by the Kaiser’s SmartCare plan and within network for KingCare Regence plans. 

Measles is very contagious so if you are not immunized, you could be at risk if you were in the same place and around the same time as a person with measles. Public Health investigates all cases of measles and publishes the public locations where people with measles visited. Review the list of exposure locations. Finally, be aware of symptoms and call your health care provider right away if they appear.  

Learn more at Public Health’s measles website or on the Public Health Insider.